Armorgard TuffBench

The versatile and easy-to-use mobile work platform from Armorgard. The TuffBench™ heavy-duty folding work platform is a versatile workbench designed for contractors on the move, and is perfect for use on construction sites. Its quick and easy assembly system – with no detachable parts – makes it easy to transport and Store. When it’s time to move on, simply collapse the platform, fold the legs and you’re ready to go! Durable and built to last, the surface is manufactured from sustainable pressed timber, and is ideal for use with attachments such as power tools, vices and pipe threaders.

The newest addition is the TuffBench+, which is the same robust build as the TuffBench™, pre-fitted with a handle and wheels to ease the movement of the TuffBench™, particularly when vices are fitted.

Optional extras of a 6" engineers vice and a 4" chain vice, which can be factory fitted to the TuffBench™ or the TuffBench+™

Features and Specs

No detachable parts - stays together as one unit

Durable timber work Surface and powder-coated frame for long-lasting dependability

Folding legs secured with a chain when shut

Metal edge flush with wooden work surface

Weight load capacity up to 300kg

Collapsible for easy storage and transportation

Ideal for fitting a chain vice and engineers vice toTuffBench+™ includes a handle and wheels as standard

6" engineers vice

4" chain vice

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Code External Dims Internal Dims Price Quantity
BH1080 1080x750x820 Folded Down = 1080x750x130
£266.68 (exc VAT) per 1
£77.72 (exc VAT) per 1
BH1080-HW 1080x750x820 Folded Down = 1080x750x130
£328.04 (exc VAT) per 1
BH1080-VWK 1165x870x1005 Folded Down = 1165x870x315
£937.08 (exc VAT) per 1