Armorgard Flamstor

The ultra-secure walk-in hazardous storage unit for fixed installation. The Armorgard FlamStor™ is the perfect solution for storing larger quantities of chemicals or flammable substances. Manufactured to an exacting standard throughout, this heavy-duty walk-in storage unit features a high-security anti-tamper door, fixed internal shelving and an innovative open steel floor, which allows spillages to drain directly into the sump. The Flamstor™ can also be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Features and Specs

Ventilation to prevent buil-up of fumes

Fixed internal shelving on all sizes

Raised and removable open steel floor

Relevant hazard warning signs fitted as standard

Crane lifting eyes

Built to order, so can be customised

Robust construction for maximum security

Built to specification for 1/2 hour fire resistant

Meets all relevant legislation for storing fuel or chemicals

Fork lifting skids

Fully welded and tested sump to prevent leakage

Optional power supply, heater, light or access ramp

Chubb-style serial numbered keys

Heavy-duty fitted door with two 5-lever deadlocks

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Code External Dims Internal Dims Price Quantity
FS1.2 1210x1270x2190 1125x1110x1980
Price Unavailable
FS1.8 1210x1860x2190 1085x1710x1980
Price Unavailable
FS2.0 2000x2060x2175 1900x1912x1977
Price Unavailable
FS3.0 2000x3066x2175 1900x2912x1977
Price Unavailable
FS4.0 2000x4066x2175 1900x3912x1977
Price Unavailable
FS6.0 2000x6066x2175 1900x5066x1977
Price Unavailable