Armorgard Oxbox

The simple and dependable solution for securing your tools and equipment.

The Oxbox™ is a medium duty range of tool vaults designed for use where budget is a consideration. Despite the competitive price tag, there has been no compromising on quality; Oxbox™ shares many of the premium features found on its higher priced companion ranges, including locks, hinges, gas struts and paint finish, while its unique ‘folded’ construction delivers outstanding strength.

Manufactured from 1.5 and 2.0mm steel, the Oxbox™ is available in 6 popular sizes and offers dependable, cost-effective security for your tools and equipment.

Features & Specs

Keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks both sides with heavy duty chubb-style keys, welded security id numbers

Strong gas struts fitted as standard - conform to industry standards (except OX05)Suitable for sites and vans

Steel plate construction with durable powder coated finish

Fork lift pockets with fixing slots for easily adding castors (except OX05, OX1, OX2 and OX6)

Optional facility to add castors using the pre-drilled holes (except OX05, OX1, OX2 and OX6)

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Code External Dims Internal Dims Price Quantity
OX05 810x478x380 760x425x375
£165.20 (exc VAT) per 1
OX1 915x490x450 830x425x440
£202.96 (exc VAT) per 1
OX2 1215x490x450 1130x425x440
£290.28 (exc VAT) per 1
OX3 1200x665x630 1115x595x545
£392.94 (exc VAT) per 1
OX4 1210x640x1175 1125x565x1090
£786.60 (exc VAT) per 1
OX6 1800x555x445 1710x480x440
£480.26 (exc VAT) per 1