Armorgard Toolbin

The lightweight vault for storing everyday tools and materials. You don’t need a hammer to crack a walnut. Similarly, you don’t need a heavy duty security solution for every storage requirement. Manufactured from galvanized steel, this lightweight vault is designed for storage of less valuable items and where high security is not a priority. Versatile and cost-effective, Toolbin™ protects your Tools and materials from the elements while keeping them safe from opportunists.

Features and Specs

Ideal for securing less valuable items and keeping building materials clean and dry

Lockable with 2x hasp - staples

Galvanized steel construction

Strengtheners on all four corners

Double return along the bottom edge, to strengthen the base

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Code External Dims Internal Dims Price Quantity
GB3 1190x585x850 1150x555x825
£221.84 (exc VAT) per 1