Armorgard TrekDror

What could be more useful than TrekDror; our range of robust, steel tool drawers for vehicles and small spaces.

Available in three different sizes and stackable. TrekDror offers the ultimate in versatility with removable partitions to keep everything tidy and organised, from your power tools right down to that 5mm screwdriver.

TrekDror units are designed to fit neatly into smaller spaces, such as under a shelf or between wheel arches, and can be fixed down. Our unique bearing and roller system ensures a smooth sliding action to access contents easily and safely – goodbye wrenching and wrestling!

More importantly, each TrekDror is cased in corrugated steel with reinforced ribs and 5-lever deadlocks to give you that extra layer of security.

Features and Specs

Robust corrugated 1.5mm steel casing for durability and strength

Unique roller system ensures a smooth operation throughout it's life

Recessed handles

Optional kits allow the TrekDror to be stacked or fixed to a vehicle or surface

2x 5-lever deadlocks for maximum securityRemovable partitions allow you to easily organise your tools

Drawer extend out over 80% for space efficiency

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Code External Dims Internal Dims Price Quantity
TKD1 490x1105x300 405x1040x245
£291.46 (exc VAT) per 1
£28.14 (exc VAT) per 1
TKD2 980x1105x200 900x1040x145
£389.40 (exc VAT) per 1
£38.86 (exc VAT) per 1
TKD3 490x1105x490 405x1040x435
£424.80 (exc VAT) per 1
£44.22 (exc VAT) per 1
£32.73 (exc VAT) per 1
£25.45 (exc VAT) per 1