Broadfix Standard U Shim (101mm x 43mm)

For easy levelling, packing, spacing and shimming. Great ways to use this Shim

  • Dry lining

  • Fitting skirting and architraves

  • Fitting Kitchen and Bathroom cabinetry

  • Plus many more…

DISTINCTIVE DESIGN - Unique retaining comb to slot around a screw or nail.
DURABLE - Waterproof, versatile and a high compressive strengthtested to 25kN.
DIFFERENT THICKNESS - Available in 7 thicknesses, ensuring you have the right shim for the job.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Made from recycled polypropylene.
RANGE - Available in a variety of mixed bags, mixed tubs, bulk bags and bulk boxes for your convenience.
UK MADE - At Broadfix we’re proud to be part of UK manufacturing, helping to strengthen British business.

Avaliable sizes;
1mm Yellow, 1.5mm White, 2mm Green, 3mm Blue, 4mm Red, 5mm Brown, 6mm Black, 10mm Grey

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Code Description Manufacturer Size Price Quantity
ST1 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 1mm Yellow - Pack of 500 Broadfix 1mm - Yellow
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 500
ST1.5 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 1.5mm White - Pack of 500 Broadfix 1.5mm - White
£22.80 (exc VAT) per 500
ST2 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 2mm Green - Pack of 500 Broadfix 2mm - Green
£22.38 (exc VAT) per 500
ST3 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 3mm Blue - Pack of 500 Broadfix 3mm - Blue
£28.39 (exc VAT) per 500
ST4 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 4mm Red - Pack of 500 Broadfix 4mm - Red
£36.38 (exc VAT) per 500
ST5 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 5mm Brown - Pack of 500 Broadfix 5mm - Brown
£41.06 (exc VAT) per 500
ST6 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 6mm Black - Pack of 500 Broadfix 6mm - Black
£47.44 (exc VAT) per 500
ST10 Standard U Shim 101mm X 43mm 10mm Grey - Pack of 250 Broadfix 10mm - Grey
£30.78 (exc VAT) per 250