Plastic Washered Pins

Plastic washered pins suitable for Ramset P.A. Tools, Spit P200 and other 8mm cartridge tools.

Suitable for use in the PA97 and DX450 cartridge tools.

Can be used in concrete, steel, and masonry subject to correct selection and application.Includes a 12mm plastic washer for guidance within the tool, and increased pull-over strength when fixing softer materials, such as wood.

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Code Diameter (mm) Length Price Quantity
VPW16 3.8mm 16mm
£6.17 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW19 3.8mm 19mm
£6.61 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW22 3.8mm 22mm
£6.23 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW27 3.8mm 27mm
£6.86 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW32 3.8mm 32mm
£7.43 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW37 3.8mm 37mm
£8.05 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW42 3.8mm 42mm
£8.69 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW47 3.8mm 47mm
£9.25 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW52 3.8mm 52mm
£9.94 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW57 3.8mm 57mm
£10.51 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW62 3.8mm 62mm
£11.07 (exc VAT) per 100
VPW72 3.8mm 72mm
£11.78 (exc VAT) per 100