Rapierstar StarPin - Polymer Head Pin

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  • Resistant to weathering with ultraviolet stable colours

  • Stainless Steel shank ensures high corrosion resistance

  • Resistant to chemical attack

  • Low profile head and maximum pull-out resistance

High strength, High stability

Tough polymer headed pins and nails. Available in A2 and A4 corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, offer a colourfast, cost effective fixing solution for PVCU products.



The shank of the StarPin and StarNail fixings are formed from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, ensuring superior performance and exceptional durability in the toughest environments.

Specially defined annular rings enable maximum pull out resistance and the chamfered head ensures a neat finish.


With a specially developed tough polymer head the StarPin and StarNail fixings maintain their reliability on site without head failure. Their outstanding quality reduces wastage, saving time and cost.

Tested to ASTM D 638, 790 & 256 for tensile and impact properties. lmpact Test - completed using a 0.73kg mass with an impact area of 22mm.


The UV stable colour range services the majority of profile variations across leading roofline suppliers.

With a low profile head, applications also include the Caravan, Fencing, Window and Sign Industries.

Independent 1000 hour accelerated tested (equivalent to 10 years exposure) in Northern European sunlight conditions.


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