Alexander & Wilks Ironmongery

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Alexander & Wilks represents the very best of British designed architectural hardware and ironmongery. Using both time honoured craftsmen's skills, combined with the latest computer aided precision manufacturing, results in a collection of beautifully made items with flawless results.


While the ironmongery industry has tended to follow the worldwide trends in many ways of mass producing cheaper alternatives, there is still a core of British companies who continue to specialise in creating luxury items that remain in high demand amongst the most discerning clientele worldwide.


Alexander & Wilks have curated the best of British into one collection, allowing us to provide all types of ironmongery from traditional black forged & cast iron, through to the latest CNC machined, highly polished modern finishes, combining natural & man made textures.


The inspiration behind Alexander & Wilks reflects the heritage of two of Britain’s most famous engineers Sir Alexander Issigonis & Maurice Wilks, the designer of the original Mini, and the designer of the Land Rover respectively representing some of the most iconic designs in history!


We are a rapidly expanding company with many years of combined skill, knowledge & attention to detail, offering true value for money, whilst ensuring that every PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) product in our range is backed by a full 25-year finish guarantee.

Alexander & Wilks Ironmongery