Heller SDS+ Y Cutter Drill Bits (16mm - 30mm) - Singles

A new dimension in hammer drilling! The Y cutter Ergo SDS-plus is a powerful and robust multi cutter. The patented Y cutter technology, in combination with the optimized helix design, offers maximum effectiveness and speed, especially when drilling large diameters.

  • Premium multi-cutter for concrete and reinforcement

  • Highest service life and extremely resilient to wear

  • Particularly powerful and rugged multi-cutter with patented Y-Cutter technology

  • With recessed carbide tip for extreme resilience in reinforcement steel and powerful drilling progress

  • Highest effectiveness and speed in large diameters thanks to Y-Cutter technology plus optimised helix design

  • Best possible drill dust transport without risk of inflagration thanks to large-volume, low-vibration Twinmax 3D helix, also in deep holes

  • Lowest vibration thanks to computer-simulated helix reduces the load on the user

  • Three-dimensional cutting edge profile makes positioning really easy and avoids spalling even after drilling many holes

    Y Cutter

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Code Diameter (mm) Length Working Length Price Quantity
22522 9 16.0mm 250mm 200mm
Price Unavailable
22523 6 16.0mm 450mm 400mm
Price Unavailable
22524 3 18.0mm 300mm 250mm
Price Unavailable
22525 0 18.0mm 450mm 400mm
Price Unavailable
22526 7 20.0mm 300mm 250mm
Price Unavailable
22527 4 20.0mm 450mm 400mm
Price Unavailable
22528 1 22.0mm 450mm 400mm
£46.79 (exc VAT) per 1
22529 8 24.0mm 250mm 200mm
£50.70 (exc VAT) per 1
22530 4 24.0mm 450mm 400mm
£51.60 (exc VAT) per 1
22531 1 25.0mm 450mm 400mm
£52.38 (exc VAT) per 1
22532 8 28.0mm 250mm 200mm
£58.79 (exc VAT) per 1
22533 5 28.0mm 450mm 400mm
£65.90 (exc VAT) per 1
22534 2 30.0mm 450mm 400mm
£78.12 (exc VAT) per 1