Klingspor Ø 125mm PS 22 K Disc

Cut down on your sanding time – the abrasive disc PS 22 K

The abrasive disc PS 22 K helps the user save time when treating surfaces. The abrasive truly shines when used on

  • wood and

  • metal.

Its self-fastening support allows for a quick tool change, reducing retooling times significantly. The discs is fitted and ready for use in seconds, while detaching it from the backing pad is just as quick and easy. These are advantages that neither hobby craftsmen nor professional users want to live without.

The abrasive disc PS 22 K – outstanding results, long service life

The PS 22 K is a hook and loop abrasive disc designed to deliver a superior level of dependability and durability. Fixed in place with a synthetic resin, a high-quality velour fabric is bonded to the paper backing (E-paper). Even if subjected to high contact pressure, the velour fabric will stay securely connected to the backing pad. Safe, confident and reliable work is possible even at high process temperatures. Professionals who do not want to compromise on their work therefore rely on the sanding discs from the Klingspor range. This is why professionals who need to work without any compromises put their trust in the abrasive disc included in the product portfolio offered by Klingspor.

Universal suitability

An ideal match with handheld machines, the abrasive disc delivers a uniform scratch pattern every time. Premature clogging during woodwork is prevented by the semi-open coating. When used for processing metal, the product excels thanks to the exceptional grit adhesion, which is brought about by the synthetic resin bond of the grain to the backing. To ensure their abrasive disc PS 22 K is an excellent option for a wide variety of sanding tasks, Klingspor makes this product available in a host of grit sizes and hole patterns. The hole patterns have been paired perfectly with the extraction holes found in all standard backing pads. With the HST 555, Klingspor offers their own backing pad as the perfect companion product to the self-fastening discs PS 22 K. This backing pad brings out the maximum performance these abrasive tasks are capable of delivering. Topping off the product's unique properties is its suitability for universal use on all types of random orbital sanders.

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Code Diameter (mm) Grit Options Grain Hole Configuration Box Quantity Price Quantity
89486 125mm P40 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
89488 125mm P60 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.88 (exc VAT) per 1
89489 125mm P80 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
89491 125mm P100 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
89493 125mm P120 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
89494 125mm P150 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
89495 125mm P180 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
89496 125mm P320 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
90758 125mm P220 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
92753 125mm P240 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1
104778 125mm P400 Aluminium oxide GLS5 50
£18.53 (exc VAT) per 1